14 Ways to Monetize Your Everyday Life

What if all the wasted space in your home could actually make you a little extra cash?
June 8, 2016

Jim Rohn One Year Success Plan

The YouEconomy is a new term that encompasses the ever-changing work landscape and the rise of the freelancer. As currently constructed, it is an umbrella over a handful of movements with disparate labels. Parts of it, along with other developments toward economic freedom and flexibility, have been referred to as the sharing economy, on-demand economy, gig economy and freelance economy.

Your place in the YouEconomy can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want, but it doesn't take starting a new business to take full advantage of what this new economy has to offer. In fact, your own home holds a variety of ways to earn supplemental income without deviating from your normal routine. Check out this infographic and see what works for your lifestyle.



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