4 Good Reasons to Join a Professional Organization

Entrepreneurs need to learn from others.
December 19, 2015

Before getting involved in the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Mark Tepper, president and founder of Strategic Wealth Partners, felt as if he were alone on an island. “I had no business partner to discuss my challenges with. I needed a group of peers who could help me to navigate toward the successful solutions of some of my issues.”

To receive the camaraderie and counsel he desired, Tepper joined his local EO chapter in Cleveland.

“I’m no longer alone on an island. Almost all successful business owners face similar challenges. EO has helped me focus more of my time on the business rather than in the business. It’s also helped me put my blinders on from time to time so I can focus on what’s most important rather than getting pulled in several different directions.”

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Tepper outlines these benefits offered by professional organizations:

1. Networking

Business begins and ends with relationships. Developing genuine friendships with other entrepreneurs can help your network and your business.

2. Ideas

When you hear what other leaders do with their businesses, you’re likely to get your entrepreneurial gears in motion.

3. Motivation

Most entrepreneurs have a healthy dose of competitive attitude, so seeing others’ success can push you to do new things with your business.

4. Practice

Organizations often ask their members to speak at events. Do it for the experience and to add credibility to your business and your personal brand.

Want to build valuable, lasting business relationships? Check out 7 tips to boost your networking skills.


This article appears in the January 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


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