Ahhh! 6 Ways to Get Better Work-Life Balance

How to maintain both a successful career and a happy home life
April 29, 2015

1. Manage yourself.
Sufficiently managing oneself can be challenging, particularly in getting proper sleep, exercise and nutrition. Self-management is the recognition that effectively using the spaces in our lives is vital. Energy and time are finite resources. Be the captain of your own ship: No one is coming to steer for you.

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2. Manage your time.
Time management is enhanced by creating appropriate goals and discerning what is both important and urgent.

3. Manage your stress.
More people, more noise and more distractions require each of us to become more adept at maintaining tranquility. Multitasking increases our stress, while focusing on one thing at a time decreases stress.

4. Manage change.
In our fast-paced world, change is virtually the only constant. Continually adopting new habits and adapting old ones is vital to a successful career and a happy home life, so that the volume and rate of change does not overwhelm or defeat you.

5. Manage technology.
Technology has always been with us, since the first walking stick, spear, flint and wheel. Often you have no choice but to keep up with the technological “Joneses”; still, you rule technology—don’t let it rule you.

6. Manage leisure.
Leisure management acknowledges the importance of rest and relaxation. Time off is a vital component of maintaining balance.

Time management is challenging when you're overscheduled. Check out these 7 ways to reclaim your day.


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