The YouEconomy: The Power Is Yours

June 10, 2016

Behold the YouEconomy!

This expanded issue is a trumpet blast heralding the new Industrial Revolution, a shift in societal norms that will change your life and the lives of almost everyone on the planet in the coming years and decades. You can’t say you weren’t warned.

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The crux of the YouEconomy: Emerging technology has taken financial power from a select few and delivered it to you, me and everyone we know. For the first time since the days when most Americans were farmers, the vast majority of us will soon be self-reliant for income. As our cover story—a 20-page special report—illustrates, freelancers, contract employees, sharing-and gig-economy workers, traditional entrepreneurs, and others performing 1099-work have created a movement that has the capability to deliver the financial freedom and flexibility to run your life as you choose. That leads to incredible opportunities as you strive for happiness, health, growth and purpose in your life.

I remember the day I joined the YouEconomy. A couple years out of college, I was almost ready to abandon my chosen profession. As parents and guidance counselors had warned, journalists don’t earn much money. And then one afternoon, a connection of mine offered a small freelance job.

For whatever reason, I had never considered freelancing. It didn’t seem possible for me; I assumed the prospect was limited to full-time freelancers. And besides, I had an employer. In my mind, having an employer automatically limited the amount and type of work I could take on. I was a stupid kid.

This little side job, although it didn’t mean a huge payday, opened my eyes to a wider world of opportunity. Just to be sure, I asked my boss whether it was OK to accept the assignment. It didn’t interfere with my day job, so naturally he looked at me with total confusion. Yeah, why are you asking me? he must’ve thought.

I learned the lesson that no one limits you but you. And from then on, I built a respectable freelance side business in addition to my day job. I didn’t say yes to more work than I wanted or could handle, but frankly I was tickled because people and companies were willing to spend a lot more for my time and talent on an á la carte basis than they’d pay me as a 40-hour-a-week employee.


The greatest upside has come from gaining the knowledge that, You know what? I got this.


The influx of extra cash helped me score a slightly nicer apartment, and I paid off my student loans early. But money hasn’t been my biggest gain from joining the YouEconomy, albeit unknowingly. The greatest upside has come from gaining the knowledge that, You know what? I got this. If I want to take a little trip this fall, I’ll accept another gig or two. If I want to buy my dad an expensive birthday present, I can make it happen.

If I decide I want to leave my job, I can. It’s up to me. I got this.

Of course, I have no desire to leave SUCCESS. Each month my team and I share impactful stories (this month’s special report is a great example) with our incredible readers—people who dream, strive and win in big ways; people who will own the YouEconomy.

You know what? You got this.

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This article originally appeared in SUCCESS magazine.


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