Harvey Mackay

Harvey Mackay is a businessman and columnist. Mackay is perhaps best known as the author of five business bestsellers, including Swim With the Sharks, Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt and Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty.

Articles by Harvey Mackay

The Simple but Powerful Act of Smiling

A smile is rest to the weary, daylight to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and nature’s best antidote for trouble.

March 22, 2016
Reasons Why We Fail

The 7 Reasons We Fail

Plus, how to rebound from our missteps

February 3, 2015

Don’t Be an Old Grump. Here Are 9 Ways to Think Young

Ideas to help you kick your old-man attitude to the curb

October 28, 2014

Advice from My Dad for Father’s Day

Valuable life lessons that one dad shared with his son—and that everyone can use

June 10, 2014

Take Control of Your Network

It's all about who you know.

September 7, 2009

Get Personal to Get More Business

The wind and the sun were having a conversation one day, which turned int

June 30, 2008